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Exodus 20:11 does not train that the complete universe is the scope of God’s get the job done in the 6 days of Genesis 1 . Sailhamer resolves the obvious problems lifted by the reference to the “heavens and the earth” in Exodus twenty:eleven really properly.

He writes:rn. this passage in Exodus does not use the merism ‘heavens and earth’ to describe God’s work of 6 days. Fairly, it presents us a record of God’s unique works in the course of the six times.

That record refers to God’s work in Genesis one:two-2:4, not to His generation of the universe in Genesis one:1. Exodus twenty:11 does not say God made ‘the heavens and earth’ in 6 times it claims God made 3 matters in 6 days-the sky, the land, and the seas-and then stuffed them all through that exact same interval (106). Thus, Exodus 20:11 does not state that the six days worry the total how to become a good writer essay universe, but the “sky, the land, the sea, and all that is in them. ” It is attention-grabbing that the listing of four items in Ex 20:eleven corresponds particularly to what God manufactured in Gen 1:2ff. Initial, he geared up the sky. Then He well prepared the seas.

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And then He well prepared the ground. This was the to start with 3 times.

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This corresponds to the statement that “in 6 times the Lord produced [not the heavens and the earth, but] the heavens, the earth, the sea. ” In the remaining a few days, he filled these three matters. This corresponds to the assertion that after getting ready the sky, the land, and the sea God made “all that is in them. “Exodus 20:eleven does not see the six days of Genesis 1 as creation, but as prepration. So we see that Exodus 20:11 is not stating that God’s development of the complete universe occured around a six working day interval, but that his do the job on the sky, ground, and sea happened about a 6 working day period of time. That this is a reference to the preparation of the sky, land, and seas for man and not their generation is apparent from their use of the word “manufactured” and not “produced. ” The phrase “produced” is applied in Genesis one:1.

But the word “built,” which is made use of here,means the same as the English expression ‘to make’ a mattress. Somewhere else in the Bible the exact Hebrew word is made use of to explain cutting one’s fingernails (deut 21:twelve), washing ones feet (2 Samuel 19:twenty five), and trimming one’s beard (2 Samuel 19:24). The word signifies to set one thing in great buy, to make it appropriate.

So, Ex twenty essentially appears to aid the view that Gen one:2ff. refers to the preparation, not creation, of the land. Exodus 20:11 sees the scope of God’s work in the six times of Genesis one as the Promised Land. Owning viewed, then, that Exodus 20:11 does not see the 6 times of Genesis one as the creation of the universe but the planning of the sky, sea, and ground, the problem becomes no matter whether the text especially identifies the site of God’s get the job done throughout these 6 days as the Promised Land.

That it does is evident by evaluating it with Jeremiah 27:five (which we will see also strengthens our situation that Jeremiah 27:five is a reference to the promised land). After commanding Israel to continue to keep the Sabbath in Exodus twenty:eight-ten, God then gives the purpose in verse 11: “For in 6 days the Lord manufactured the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. ” The future commandment, specified in verse 12, is to honor one’s father and mom. And the cause for this commandment is “that your times might be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you. ” The “land which the Lord your God gives you” is by definition the promised land. So we see that the command to keep the Sabbath is primarily based on the actuality that God is the one particular who produced the sky, land, and floor.

And we also see that the trying to keep of the command to honor one’s father and mother is to be determined by the fact that God is the one who gives the promised land to whom He needs. So what land is at the basis of the command for a Sabbath relaxation? Most possible, the very same land that lies at the foundation of the upcoming command to honor one’s father and mother-particularly, “the land which the Lord your God gives you,” which is the promised land.

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